Many things doesnt looks like we want to see them. Or it doesnt suit us to present them the way they really are. Sometimes raw, sometimes brutal, quite on the edge. But so out giving, truth and full of life. Welcome to Karaburma, part of Belgrade, capital of Serbia, also known as Little Columbia or Belgrade Bronx. Located three miles from downtown, its a hidden place with pleasant people and restless spirit, place of social diversities and high crime rate. That s why this “Little Columbia” nickname lives. I was documenting aesthetic of Karaburma street life, trying to present visual emotions of this part of Belgrade. Welcome to my personal Bronx.

Alex Coghe, curator from the World street photography website said about Karaburma series: Well, this work immediately struck me. This is a work realized in a barrio, and the author reveals on the title of the series that is his/her ghetto. I know perfectly the degree of emotional involvement when you are documenting the place where you live. I have a lot of respect for anyone deciding to document the neighborhood, for two things. the first one is that we don’t need to go in the other side of the world to get stories, and with stories, i mean impactful stories. And the second one is because by photographing your neighborhood you hacve to work on yourself, making abstraction from the place, in order to get an equidistance that let you to reveal something different and at the same time you have the advantage to obtain a sincere portrait of the place, avoiding easy sensationalism but yet finding strength to represent a certain social commentary.


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